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Meet the Team

Dr. Lisa Jones | Dr. Lichia Cheong | Dr. Erica Hilton | Maureen McKibben | Tanya Hetherington | Samantha Panciera

Dr. Lisa Jones - Chiropractor
B.Sc (Chiro), B.Chiro

Dr Lisa HuismanI have always been based in Perth and value the active lifestyle that WA people embrace. My passion for health and wellness lead me into the profession of Chiropractic, which allows me play a role in supporting our practice members and the community to reach their health and lifestyle goals.

I started seeing a chiropractor many years ago for headaches and neck pain. After seeing major improvements in not only my symptoms, but also my general well-being, energy levels and posture, I realised chiropractic care is about much more than just back pain and headaches. I entered into the profession to help others see the amazing health benefits chiropractic has to offer.

Graduating from Western Australia's Murdoch University in Perth, one of the highlights of my time in student practice was travelling to India to provide chiropractic care to a small community in Siliguri, India. I have strong interest in women's, paediatric and family health and have completed further professional development in these fields. In June 2016 I will complete my post graduate Diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine, making me one a small number of qualified animal chiropractors in Australia. I am passionate about improving the quality of life of our furry family members too!

I currently live with my husband Evan and our border collie x kelpie, Indi. I love living close to the coast and on my days off you might see my down the beach on my paddleboard! I'm also a passionate Dockers member and like to get to home games on the weekends. Chiropractic care keeps my body and mind in optimum condition, to maintain my busy lifestyle.

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Dr. Lichia Cheong - Chiropractor
B.Sc (BioMed), B.Sc (Chiro), B.Chiro

Dr Lichia CheongAs a young girl, I had always dreamt to be the first person to discover the cure for cancer and I began my tertiary studies completing a Biomedical Science Degree at UWA. During the last semester of my final year, whilst struggling through 12-hour lab sessions, I felt that surely there would be better ways to achieve optimal health, and from here discovered my real passion; to promote healthy lifestyles through preventive and alternative approaches. Today, I love nothing more than to help clients discover the wonders of Chiropractic care.

During my 5 years at Murdoch University pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic and Bachelor of Chiropractic, I discovered that Chiropractic care is a unique holistic therapy that approached healthcare in a non-invasive, drug-free and non-surgical way. Being able to help someone get out of pain or accomplish things they never thought they would be able to do has been the greatest part of this journey and the benefits of Chiropractic care continues to amaze me every day. I am grateful that my profession has allowed me the opportunity to practice and assist people from all walks of life in their journey to health and wellness.

In 2007, I travelled to Siliguri, India with a group of chiropractors to provide care to the local communities. Our aim was to set up field clinics to provide basic medical supplies, first aid and Chiropractic care to the families in the surrounding villages. This incredible experience enabled me to witness first-hand the positive effect Chiropractic care can have, not only to an individual but to a community as a whole. Upon my return, I felt that as a Chiropractor, it was not only my duty but my goal to educate my own community about the importance of spinal health.

I have grown up and lived in Perth all my life and currently reside in Ardross with my husband William and puppy – Ronny. I love Perth and truly value the active and healthy lifestyle that it has to offer. I am a passionate Dockers supporter and have always liked to keep fit. I've been playing netball for as long as I can remember, and also participate in boxing classes and group personal training. Regular spinal adjustments ensure that I perform at my best and helps keep my spine and health in optimum condition.

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Dr. Erica Hilton - Chiropractor
B.Sc (Chiro), B.Chiro, Dip. R.T

Dr. Erica HiltonBefore Chiropractic, I studied Naturopathy, Remedial massage and Bowen Therapy, so I have a very well rounded and holistic view of health. Then I was injured in a motor vehicle accident, which prevented me from working. For months I was frustrated with the lack of pain relief from other therapies. I finally sought help from a chiropractor to rehabilitate my spine, and experienced major improvements in not only my symptoms, but also my state of mind, energy levels and general wellbeing. This inspired me to become a chiropractor!

I graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic with High Distinction and a Bachelor of Science. My current studies focus on children with the Diplomate in Chiropractic Paediatrics. I see first hand how children throw themselves into sports and play, with daily micro-trauma to their bodies. That’s if you can tear them away from the computer or gaming consoles, and the poor postures that result from spending many hours glued to their gadgets. My children’s spines are checked and adjusted regularly to support their growing bodies and rapidly developing nervous systems, to help with concentration at school and give them the best possible chance to reach their full potential in life.

I live in Rockingham with my husband and two teenage children, and love the healthy coastal lifestyle. Regular chiropractic care helps me to perform at my best, and maintain optimum health, while enjoying a busy family lifestyle.

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Maureen McKibben - Chiropractic Assistant

Maureen McKibbenI have been a Chiropractic Assistant since 2013, after previously working in a job where I was unknowingly not looking after my health and well being. I had very little knowledge of what chiropractic was, but since starting care I have experienced first hand the many benefits that chiropractic care has to offer. Not only has it helped with my chronic neck, hip and back pain but I have also experienced better sleep, a stronger immune system and more energy throughout the day. Seeing the amazing potential that our bodies possess has inspired me to further my education in holistic healing so I am now studying to become a Naturopath. Being a part of the Baldivis Chiropractic team has begun my journey towards a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

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Tanya Hetherington - Chiropractic Assistant

Tanya HetheringtonAs a new member of the team and to the chiropractic world, I was drawn to the warm, inclusive feel of the clinic and its staff. I have always had a desire to help others and working as a CA is helping me achieve that.

My pathology background enables me to understand the variety of ailments that the chiropractors attend to and the processes to achieve health and wellbeing. I am fortunate to have a son currently studying Chiropractic Science and hope to one day assist him in his chiropractic endeavours.

I look forward to becoming an integral member of Baldivis Chiropractic family and experiencing a healthier version of myself through chiropractic care.

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Samantha Panciera - Chiropractic Assistant

Samantha PancieraI have recently been welcomed into the Baldivis Chiropractic team and feel so honoured to be working with such passionate individuals. I truly believe in order to be successful at anything you need to surround yourself with people who excel at what they do. Immediately upon spending time in the practice I realised how incredibly health conscious, positive, supportive & passionate the team are which makes for an incredible environment to work in. As well as that the high standard for customer care at the clinic I feel is unmatched by anywhere else I’ve ever been. In my short time of working in the clinic I have been amazed at the extensive amount of health areas that chiropractic can support and am really looking forward to this journey of better health.

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